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Public or private? The cloud service debate continues

Posted by Jake Pollard

516776-Public-or-private-The-cloud-service-debate-continuesThe debate about the best source for cloud services has started to favor the public cloud market. Iain Pemberton, a technology journalist writing for Business 2 Community, reported that public cloud options have consistently demonstrated that they provide companies with a broader range of options and, in most cases, are more cost effective. 

According to the source, the increase in public cloud rollout has led to a projected increase in global sales hitting $47.4 million by the end of this fiscal year. In another four years, this number is expected to be $107.2 million in revenue, producing an annual growth rate of 23.5 percent. 

TechRepublic reported that more businesses are concerning themselves with the optimization of big data. Businesses that produce enough information struggling to determine which solution will best represent their needs and requirements, according to Pemberton. 

The disadvantages of private cloud services
For small businesses, adopting the private cloud is a difficult feat to accomplish because of the additional costs associated with building and hosting the cloud hardware on-premises. Pemberton reported that these solutions - which are albeit better for companies that prefer total control over their services - require complete maintenance by IT management teams. As they come with a unique set of features and capabilities that need consistent upgrades in order to remain optimal, businesses that do not have a large budget to spend on infrastructure concerns should consider the simplicity and reliability of the public cloud instead.

If elements of both of these solutions appeal to business leaders, many companies have opted for a hybrid cloud strategy that optimizes service and allows IT managers to tailor the best qualities of each into one computing method. Debates about the future of cloud services notwithstanding, the flexibility of cloud is something every business should consider.

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