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Strategies for a smooth transition to the cloud

Posted by Tom Ouellette

514806-Strategies-for-a-smooth-transition-to-the-cloudSmall businesses have a lot to gain by transitioning to the cloud. According to Fox Business, firms that have successfully committed their data storage infrastructures to a cloud-hosted server also show a concurrent increase in self-reliance in regards to IT support, which can lead to a reduction in payroll expenditures.

The National Small Business Association (NSBA) found that the number of small companies leveraging cloud services went from 5 percent in 2010 to 43 percent in 2013, and this number is expected to rise as new innovations in these solutions continue to shape the business model. Additionally, the survey revealed that as more businesses adopt the cloud, their ability to enhance the use of other devices, such as smartphones and tablets, becomes possible.

Considering the cloud?
Fox Business reported that among the reasons small businesses are hesitant to make the transition, the top three were the cost of upgrading, concerns about data security and the time it might take to implement a new infrastructure. In order to mitigate these common apprehensions, IT managers should consider the following:

  • The cloud is flexible. The cost of tech upgrades, especially involving storage space, can weigh heavily upon a budget because businesses must make fairly firm decisions regarding the amount of information they'll accrue over time. Cloud services, however, provide scalable memory capabilities, allowing companies to purchase what they need - and scale back what they don't.
  • Create a checklist of requirements. When a small business has an opportunity to see what it might need to do in order to leverage the cloud, the news source reported that it becomes easier to see how these solutions can benefit them. If extra security is a requirement for new infrastructures, cloud should not be discounted. Fox Business asserted that providers have the ability and the expertise to deploy state-of-the-art data security solutions that smaller companies cannot afford. By utilizing cloud services, stored information becomes part of that commitment to safekeeping.
  • Try the cloud out before a commitment is made. The growth of cloud has made sampling services an easier and attractive venture. App developers have narrowed down the myriad choices for small businesses, allowing them to decide which is the best option by providing them with a wider range of flexibility.

Transitioning to a new infrastructure can burden a company with extra costs and lengthy implementation periods, but choosing the cloud will streamline this process and prevent a stressful transformation.

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